Ksana-Kai Poetry 


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The Poet of Ksana-Kai

That's little Shannan on top, whom I knick-named Ksana-Kai. My daughter, Shannan, inspired the writing of KsanaKai after a successful operation to remove a brain tumor when she was nineteen years old, 2014. We are celebrating Shannan's success, courage and "positivity," (as she calls it during this difficult ordeal) by taking a trip to Paris. Her unflinching bravery has been an inspiration to us all. If you love poetry and/or would like to contribute to Shannan's celebration, simply purchase our book! If you've read one or more volumes of Ksana-Kai, please leave a review/ comment on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or GoodReads. Your support is much appreciated  Each book tells a compelling story through the use of insightful dialogue and the affective power of poetic imagery. This style of story-telling poetry creates a synergy that intensifies the reader's emotional interactions and makes the characters seem virtually real-- a poetry getaway for your heart! Most KsanaKai volumes are written in English w/ French translation.